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Fans can now connect with more celebrities around the world
thanks to the merger of myFanPark and

Why did myFanPark and Starsona merge?

Both companies have always focused on reimagining how fans connect with those they admire, and to enable the famous and influential to uplift, inspire, and delight their fans with unique, personalized experiences.  This merger accelerates our combined ability to achieve that goal.


More specifically, Starsona’s scalable technology offers a limitless range of ways for fans and celebrities all around the world to connect with each other. This allows for a speedy go to market launch across global markets where myFanPark’s international success has seen exponential growth.


What changes?

Starsona has been renamed myFanPark and is the global celebrity engagement platform, with a footprint across Africa, Europe, the Indian subcontinent, and North America.


What celebrity offerings are available?

In addition to video shoutouts, global celebrities can now offer their fans interactions that have been available in the U.S. since April 2020.  Fans can enjoy live calls, social media engagements, direct message chats, and “Fun Stuff” with their favorite celebrities.


What types of  celebrities are on the platform?
All kinds! myFanPark works with thousands of celebrities from around the world. From NBA MVP Kawhi Leonard, award-winning hip hop artist Gigi LaMayne, South African Springbok Rugby player Faf de Klerk; Indian Premier League Cricket superstar Robin Uthappa, to Beverly Hills 90210 actress Tori Spelling and many, many more.


What else is new?

myFanPark isn’t limited to individuals. We are partnering with influential teams and brands to add to our growing talent base. Organizations looking to promote and strengthen their association with talent can use myFanPark as a meeting place to boost their exposure to a combined audience of over 250 million fans around the world. For example, we have just announced our partnership with Bengaluru Football Club, one of the leading Indian Football clubs competing in the Indian Super League, to create unique experiences for Indian football fans.


Who are the Founders & Leadership Team?

You can read about our founders and leadership team here.


Where is the company located?

myFanPark is a US company with co-headquarters in Mountain View, California and Cape Town, South Africa.

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