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Starsona's launch provides anyone with fans fun new ways to make money

Every Star looking to make more money during these unusual times now has a unique platform to do so

(Tuesday, April 14, 2020) San Francisco, CA – Starsona announced today its first major upgrade, massively expanding the ways people with fans or followers (“Stars”) can safely monetize personalized interactions with their fans. Stars also benefit by receiving their fans’ contact information, allowing them to know who their ardent and supportive fans are and fostering that relationship.

The numerous options are impressive…


And provide a wealth of options any fan would be interested in. With the latest version of Starsona, Stars can offer all of these personalized experiences to their fans:

  • Video shoutouts - greetings, announcements, and Q&A

  • 1:1 interactions - DMs, Social Media interactions, and (coming soon) video and phone calls

  • “Fun Stuff” - any unique, digitally delivered items the Star comes up with for their fans. For example, a Star could offer to create a playlist for their fan’s party, critique a piece of work the fans sends them, provide personalized fashion or makeup tips, suggest players for their fantasy football team, create a date night for the fan, etc.

  • Personalized merch

  • Commercial requests - all of the above at separate, commercial rates


The platform is designed to offer Stars safety and control.


Stars are able to choose which experiences they want to offer and at what price. They can also reject any request, for any reason. Since Starsona intermediates all experiences, the fan never sees any of the Star’s personal information. Fan requests and fulfillment all happen through Starsona.

Stars build their brands by getting to know who their best and most supportive fans are.


Stars receive fans’ names and email addresses to add to their mailing list, and can access purchase and engagement history with Starsona. This allows them to foster a direct relationship with those fans and grow their fan base.


The new Starsona couldn’t come at a more opportune time.

Peter Karpas, Starsona’s CEO, said

“We’ve been working day and night to get this upgrade out as fast as possible to help our stars during these tough times. With many Stars’ work on hiatus during the recent stay-at-home orders, we knew we had to help them make money by staying connected to their fans from the safety of their home. Fans now have many unique and interesting options to support their favorite stars.”


Comedian Esther Ku said

"I always wanted to connect with my people on a secure platform and Starsona lets me do exactly that."


Stars should check out and choose “more info” to learn about how Starsona can help them grow their brand. Fans should check out to see what their favorite Star is offering.




Starsona enables anyone who has fans or followers (“Stars”) to monetize personalized experiences safely and easily. Stars also get to build a direct relationship with the fans who most support them. Experiences include video shoutouts, 1:1 interactions, personalized merch, and “fun stuff”. For more information, please visit

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