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Influencers offer “fun stuff” to their fans on Starsona

Fans looking for a little bit of cheer during these unusual times can find it through Fun Stuff.

(Friday, April 24, 2020) San Francisco, CA – Have you ever wondered what playlist your favorite singer would recommend? Or wanted to ask your favorite social influencer to critique and provide suggestions on your Instagram postings? Well wish no longer! Influencers are now providing these unique and personalized offerings for their fans through Fun Stuff on Starsona.

So what exactly is Fun Stuff?

Glad you asked! Peter Karpas, Starsona’s CEO, describes it like this


"Think of fun stuff as any personalized, unique item that can be digitally delivered. For example, Stars can create a dinner menu for their fan’s party, critique or compliment a piece of work they submit, write them a short poem, provide personalized fashion or makeup tips, create a date night for them, etc. The sky’s the limit on the creativity stars can offer their fans.”

There are some pretty interesting items offered since each Influencer has their own, unique take. Here are a few examples social influencers are offering to pique your interest:

Delaney Brown Relationship Advice.png

Delaney Brown is an influencer who provides inspirational words to her fans.  Relationship advice, designing a date night activity, or covering a specific topic in her next post are all available for her fans to book. Delaney indicated she’s  “really excited to connect with my fans safely while supporting them in what they might be going through.”

Karin Moskalensky.png

A fan can get their workout critiqued, or a workout routine recommendation based on their fitness goals from Karin Moskalensky, a fitness trainer and influencer from San Diego, who shared: "I love that I’m able to offer workout tips for an individual fan and help them improve their fitness routine.  Especially during these unusual times with stay-at-home orders in place."

Perez Hilton Parenting Advice.png

Perez Hilton, the original social influencer, is offering lifestyle tips, top tips for parents and (of course) daily doses of gossip sent directly to his fans. "Starsona is doing what no one else in the space is! Innovative interactions! I love being on the cutting-edge and I am with Starsona. I also LOVE making people happy and I now have even more ways to do that thanks to Starsona!” said Perez

Fun Stuff couldn’t come at a more opportune time.


With many Influences impacted during the recent stay-at-home orders, Starsona allows them to stay connected to their fans from the safety of their home. Influencers interested in signing up and creating their own Starsona page can do so here Starsona Sign Up.


Starsona enables anyone who has fans or followers (“Stars”) to monetize personalized experiences safely and easily.  Stars also build a direct relationship with the fans who most support them.  Experiences include video shoutouts, 1:1 interactions, personalized merch, and “fun stuff”. For more information, please visit

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