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Your Future Is Bright With Starsona

Podcast by Chris Snyder, Snyder Showdown Podcast


Peter Karpas and Matt Martin are the co-founders of Starsona - a platform that provides anyone with fans or followers with their own virtual storefronts making it safe, easy, and fun for them to monetize their personal brands. Starsona has shout outs, Q&As, and direct messaging to their audience – this creates a whole new way for fans to interact with their favorite people. Peter and Matt chat with Chris Snyder about how to market your personal brand in an ever-changing and increasingly digitized world.


  • Matt discusses his early career working with Invisalign during their heyday and his startup experience in Silicon Valley

  • The inspiration behind Starsona and the anecdotal experience that launched the brand

  • Peter's early tech adoption working as the MIS manager in high school working for a 50-person law firm

  • How Peter's father ingrained upon him the importance of always taking care of you customers

  • Creating a team that complements your own skill sets in order to create business success

  • How Starsona built a tool to address a business need in the entertainment industry in response to the digitization of fan engagement

  • Creating a safe and efficient way for entertainers to engage with their fans on a 1-to-1 basis

  • Stars, micro-audiences, and how anyone with a following or fan base can monetize engagements using Starsona

  • How Starsona learned from initial failures when building and launching the app

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