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myFanPark is a tale of two companies coming together with the ambition to reimagine how people connect with those they admire, and for the famous and influential to uplift, inspire, and delight their fans with the most unique, personalized, and authentic interactions.


Starsona was born in 2017 when Randy Kessler, who works with many famous athletes & musicians, met tech execs Peter Karpas, Matt Martin and Ren Menon.  For years Randy had an idea he called “the happy birthday app” because he saw how his clients’ fans wanted to connect with them - in the office, in the elevator, walking to lunch.  He thought any fan should be able to get something like a selfie video, and his clients should be able to get paid for them.


On the other side of the globe, myFanPark was founded in South Africa by Joy Des Fountain, Dylan Des Fountain, Wouter Lombard, and Jean De Villiers.  They came up with the same idea after Wouter’s barber heard he was traveling to Lisbon, Portugal and asked him to connect with a renowned barber there whom he admired and get a selfie video.  


After researching and testing throughout 2018, Starsona launched in mid-2019 in the US & Canada with shoutout videos.  myFanPark launched a few months after Starsona, and within a few months was named as one of the top five most exciting start-ups in the country, with rapid expansion to the Indian, German, and Nigerian markets in early 2020.  In April 2020 Starsona took a giant step forward with the launch of Q&A, chats, social media interactions, “Fun Stuff”, personalized merch, and commercial requests, becoming the single place for fans to get a personalized experience from the people they admire.


Finally, in November 2020 Starsona and myFanPark joined forces under the myFanPark name to become the leading global celebrity engagement platform.

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