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myFanPark connects Indian fans to global celebrities

15 December 2020

Written by EE NewsDesk,

From personal shout outs to curated experiences, celebrity interactions have now got vivid, varied and global on myFanPark.


The global village we live in is constantly shrinking and the click of a mouse can make it even smaller. One example of this is that Indian fans can now directly and authentically connect with more celebrities from around the world in almost any way imaginable, thanks to a new merger between celebrity engagement company myFanPark and Silicon Valley-based, Starsona Inc.

Serial entrepreneur Shailendra Singh who brought South -African start-up myFanPark says, "The blurring of lines in the way entertainment and sports are consumed today, has now expanded the horizons of celebrity watchers and fans around the world. A Kawhi Leonard for instance is no stranger to an avid basketball aficionado  What a thrill it can be for a fan in India  to hear from him! Perez Hilton in many ways defined celebrity-oriented media bytes that have become the norm today. With our merger  with  Starsona Inc, fans who have been reading his blog for years, can connect with him."

Kawhi Leonard who plays professional basketball for the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association (NBA) says, "I would love to know how Indian fans follow us and know so much about iconic players like Magic Johnson,  Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.  I would love to engage with them and exchange notes about this game that we are all passionate about. And of course I want to know more about India as well!"


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