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Leadership Team

Peter Karpas

Founder & co-CEO


Peter Karpas is semi-famous for having action figures, steampunk art, and random toys in his corporate office despite being a C-Level or top executive at such high growth tech companies as Intuit & PayPal.  At Intuit, Peter had many jobs including CMO, CPMO, and GM of the Quicken Business. At PayPal, he was GM of N. America SMB & ran N. American marketing. And at other companies, he continued to serve small & medium businesses owners, who he’s incredibly passionate about helping.  He’s also proud of having been on the Board of Trustees for the Computer History Museum for well over a decade, now serving on its Executive Committee.


Peter used to be the entertainment industry’s dream consumer, as his interests include audio, board games, books, football, graphic novels, movies, music, theater, and video games.  But now he has a lot less time for any of those things because he founded a company.

Joy Des Fountain.JPG
Joy Des Fountain

Founder & co-CEO


With over 14 years’ experience as a CFO in both corporate and startups and now in her role as CEO of myFanPark, Joy’s ambitious vision has brought together an established team both internally as well as through international partnerships in key markets to setup the roadmap for success. Her bold yet structured approach has ensured a solid business framework.

Matt Martin

Founder & Head of Operations


Matthew Martin loves to problem solve, in fact you could call him a serial solutionist. He’s always had an innate fascination with how to improve on the way things work and interact.  Having the opportunity to build solutions at the intersection of technology, commerce, and community; Matthew capitalized on these strength’s having held multiple management roles at Align Technology (makers of Invisalign) leading their strategic practice development initiatives helping customers scale their business. He was also a founding member and COO at Goldenslate, a SaaS solution for service professionals to manage their referral channel.


Now, as co-founder and Head of Operations for myFanPark, Matthew drives innovative solutions in bringing mass moments of joy to the myFanPark community… and having some fun along the way. 

Wouter Lombard.JPG
Wouter Lombard

Founder & Head of Talent Management


Wouter is a seasoned adman, having worked for 2 of SA’s largest and most successful advertising and marketing agencies for the past 15 years. As Business Director and Partner, he’s lead projects across local and international markets to deliver creative ideas and campaigns for blue chip brands. He thrives off innovative solutions to deliver unexpected creativity that delights, as was the case on the day he brought the idea of myFanPark to the team.

Dylan Des Fountain.JPG
Dylan Des Fountain

Founder & Head of Business Development 


Former South African Professional rugby player, Dylan has spent the last 4 years as an active entrepreneur, building a number of successful businesses. Dylan brings solid operational experience to ensure a sound and efficient product offering while also expanding on his network with highly influential stars and their agents to build an envious list of high-profile celebrities on the myFanPark platform.

Jean De Villiers.JPG
Jean De Villiers

Founder & Active Advisor


As the 54th Springbok Rugby Captain, Jean is an admired and respected leader. Through his well-established relationships across business sectors, Jean is instrumental in connecting influential individuals to drive key business objectives and opportunities. Jean’s ability to understand the unique dynamics between celebrities and fans is key to ensuring that myFanPark puts the customer 1st.

Iain Banner

Board Member & Active Advisor


Networked and respected around the world following acclaimed successes in sponsorship, sport and entrainment, Iain Banner proudly fulfils the role of Chairman of myFanPark. Iain co-founded the International Laureus World Sports Awards and the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation as well as the Dunhill Links Championship to name but a few. He brings over 3 decades of experience and is excited to introduce key partners to myFanPark as they continue their international expansion.

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