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Hello from a Star is just a DM away

Ever wanted to DM a Star or popular influencer and actually get a response?

(Friday, May 15, 2020) San Francisco, CA – We are connected now more than ever given the myriad of available social media channels. We follow people we’re interested in, look up to, or just enjoy being a fan of. However, it’s nearly impossible to hear directly from those illustrious Stars you follow, especially if they have tens of thousands of followers.

Fans looking for a way to hear directly from their fav Stars can look no further than Starsona. Starsona recently launched a new product which provides the opportunity to do just that through DMs! Stars are now making themselves available for fans willing to pay for a personal, 1:1 interaction. The cost is more than affordable, and less expensive than the cost of a meet and greet, starting at $2 for many Stars on the platform.

"We kept hearing interest from both fans and Stars about direct messaging. Stars were concerned with being able to DM without compromising their personal contact information. For fans, there’s quite a bit of noise and clutter when it comes to DMing a Star on social media. They’re competing with thousands of fans, and the likelihood of a Star tapping them back is slim to none. With Starsona’s messaging feature, we’re combining the best of both worlds… an intermediated experience with a direct line to their favorite Star.”

Matthew Martin, Starsona’s Co-Founder and Head of Operations

Stars are jumping on board

Stars are jumping to add DM’s to their Starsona page. Matthew Dellavedova (Delly), is an NBA Champion with the Cleveland Cavaliers and on Starsona. Delly’s from Australia and it makes sense his first DM was from a fellow Aussie and fan. The fan was interested in finding out where to buy a replica jersey worn at the 2015 Rising Star Game as well as some gear from his 2016 Finals run. Delly DM’d his response direct to the fan through the Starsona platform without compromising his personal information and the fan had a unique opportunity to hear from Delly himself!

DM’s have started taking off

It’s an affordable option for the fan with a high probability the Star will engage with their message as opposed to social media platforms; if the Star doesn’t respond, the fan doesn’t pay.  And it’s an easy and safe fulfillment option for the Star who just needs to DM the fan back. Who wouldn’t want to send at least one DM to an athlete, musician, actor, influencer… you get the gist! Fans can check out Starsona to find Stars offering DMs. Stars interested in creating their own Starsona page (it’s free!) can do so here Starsona Sign Up.

Starsona enables anyone who has fans or followers (“Stars”) to monetize personalized experiences safely and easily.  Stars also build a direct relationship with the fans who most support them.  Experiences include video shoutouts, 1:1 interactions, personalized merch, and “fun stuff”. For more information, please visit

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