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Social Media Fanatic Nirvana

For social media junkies, this is the equivalent of going to the Super Bowl!

(Friday, May 8, 2020) San Francisco, CA – San Francisco, CA – The average social media user has always wondered how cool it would be to have their favorite Influencer, or Star, notice one of their social posts. Or cooler yet, respond to one of their social posts. Or even (gasp) follow them! Well wonder no more, Influencers and Stars are offering just that – social media interactions – for their fans through Starsona.

How cool is that?


Starsona is a platform that helps people with fans or followers ("Stars") connect with fans, create joy, and make money by monetizing personalized experiences for their fans, safely & easily.  The company recently launched some exciting, new products Stars can offer their fans, one of which is social media interactions.

Requesting social media interactions

What is a Starsona social media interaction? It’s the ability for a fan to book a Star through their Starsona page for comments, shoutouts, posts and even follows on social channels for a fee. Those social channels include Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and LinkedIn. Imagine your favorite athlete giving you a shoutout on their social account – or a personal comment from an Influencer on your own social media post.


One of the first social media interactions requested when the product went live was for the original social influencer himself, Perez Hilton. One fan requested a comment on a post

Paige was on the Disney Family Singalong that aired on ABC on 4-16-20.  Can you comment on the post…"

Here’s Perez’s response:


A second request to Perez came from a big fan of both him AND Starsona’s Social Media Interaction feature:

"This new feature on Starsona is so cool! I’m a loyal member of your Fram. I love watching your Live videos & listening to your podcast – especially while in lockdown. Listening to your gossip is my escape! Lol. I’d love for you to like & comment on a post... I provided the link above! Hope you’re staying safe and keeping healthy. Sending love & positivity.”

Get social cred

Social media has grown exponentially since 2004. There are 3.5 Billion daily active social media users which equates to about 45% of the global population. Every generation uses it, Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers. With an average of 3 hours per day spent on social networks and messaging, it’s no wonder there’s a frenzy to get noticed on social media. Starsona offers one of the most unique opportunities to secure that ever important social media interaction from a Star or influencer.

Stars interested in offering social media interactions, and more, to their fans can sign up for free at Starsona.  Fans interested in making a splash on their social media footprint can go to and book social media interactions today!

Starsona enables anyone who has fans or followers (“Stars”) to monetize personalized experiences safely and easily.  Stars also build a direct relationship with the fans who most support them.  Experiences include video shoutouts, 1:1 interactions, personalized merch, and “fun stuff”. For more information, please visit

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