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10 Musicians who will show you love on myFanPark

“Where words can’t, music speaks.” We express ourselves through songs and music when we can’t quite get out the words. Sometimes it can be hard to express yourself to your significant other, let our myFanPark musicians help you find the perfect vibe or song to show your boo how much you care.

Alana Springsteen is a talented up and coming country artist with a great taste in music. She’ll create a Custom Playlist just for you that’s perfect for any occasion.

Peter Bayfield is a singer, songwriter, and DJ hailing from Great Britain. He can plan you a Date Night perfect for that special someone.

Shariffa Nyan is an international gospel recording artist who infuses pop and R&B into her music. This makes her one of the most unique sounding artists. She’ll song you any song and add a Custom Personalization!

Striking Matches is a duo that met in college and have been making music ever since. They’ll create a custom Spotify playlist for you!

Ki rose to fame on TikTok with her unique and original style. She will sing the perfect Cover Song for you and your love.

Carson Rowland is known for his role in Sweet Magnolias, but he’s also a very talented musician and songwriter. He will write and sing a song about a Topic of Your Choice...maybe even that special someone.

Jenny Teator can be described as Black Keys meets Demi Levato, her refreshing sound and killer personality make her the perfect one to Style an Outfit for your date night!

Esera Tuaolo has been seen not only on the football field, but also on Season 13 of The Voice, and he cooks! He’ll plan the perfect Date Night Recipe for you to wow that special someone.

Nicole Ferreira is based in Perth Australia, her goal is to change the world one song at a time. She will sing one of her Original Songs or a Cover Song just for you!

Karen Waldrupa Louisiana native who really digs her heels into all genres of music. She will create you a Personalized Playlist tailored to you!

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