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10 Questions with Dan Payne

Though Dan Payne originally hails from Canada, he has lived all over the world. Starring in films and tv shows such as, Stargate-SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Alice, I Think, Mulligans, R.L. Stines: The Haunting Hour, and all three Descendants movies on Disney Channel. We sat down with Dan to ask him 10 questions and we were not disappointed!

1. When did you join myFanPark?

I joined in 2019!

2. What's your favorite interaction to offer?

Seriously - all of them! I love the video shoutouts. It’s really cool to have a way to connect with people! Most of the time the request has all the info you need to give a proper fun shoutout!

3. Why do you think it's so important to offer things like audition feedback?

Auditions are always going to be subjective but it’s always nice to have an extra set of experiences eyes take a look. The feedback is also always a subjective aspect that every performer should intake through the filter of their ‘instrument’ and what serves them best. Every now and then you may get a nugget of gold that just adds that little extra to your performance or helps your strengthen your confidence in your process. I think anything that helps you feel like you’ve got your best hat in the ring is a good thing!

4. Have you ever had any crazy fan interactions?

So far it’s been pretty safe and fun! There have been the odd request or comment that pushes the boundaries. But the app has safety measures to keep most things on the up and up.

5. Why do you love connecting with fans?

I absolutely love my job and love being in this industry. To have the ability/option to share and connect with fans and mutually share in that experience and joy is awesome!

Fun Questions!

6. Do you sing in the shower?

Haha! Nope ...I dance. I dance like no one is watching because I truly hope no one is watching!!!

7. What's always been your go to karaoke song?

Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash. Saying that doesn’t mean I’m saying it’s good in any way!!!

8. What would you be doing if you weren't an actor?

...trying to be an actor! I think would love to be a coach and hopefully of a professional level team.

9. Where's your favorite place you've ever lived?

I loved living in Australia and the UK when I was younger but right now I’m truly happy with my family in Vancouver.

10. and finally, if you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Oooooh! Let’s say superpowers exist then I’d love to have the power to gain (not steal!) other people’s powers! A la Heroes. If I had to pick one I would say the ability to do whatever skill/ability you needed to do immediately the Matrix download idea. ...I think

For all of Dan's interactions be sure to check out his myFanPark page:

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