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8 Celebrities Who Can Help You Get A Leg Up on Spring Trends

With Spring beginning we know that new trends will soon be upon us. Warmer weather always sparks new fashion, fitness, and more; and we want YOU to be on top of the trends. Here are 10 celebrities that can get you in good shape for Spring!

McKenzie Westmore has all of the skincare and makeup tips you need! She will critique your makeup, and advise you on a skincare regimen so you can look your most fresh.

Tim Foust can create the perfect playlist for all of your Spring walks. Just tell him what you are vibing with and he will tailor it to your needs!

Matthew Dellavedova will give an in depth examination of your avocado toast. Personally, I know a lot of people who love some avocado toast during Springtime, so why not get some tips from an expert?

Kirk Nurmi will offer you some amazing inspirational coaching. With Spring comes warmer weather and often better moods, let Kirk inspire you to be your best self.

Peter Bayfield will solve your problems on his podcast! You don’t need to come into Spring with any extra baggage, you need a Winter problem solved? Peter’s your guy.

Dr. D can help you get in shape with a personal fitness regimen! Spring is a great time to get in shape, let Dr. D help you achieve all of your fitness goals.

Dr. Keita Joy is all about mental health. Let her give you some tips to boost your mood and take care of your mental well-being with her tips and guidance.

Simon Majumdar will give you feedback on a recipe! If you’ve found some spring dishes to try, let Simon give you some pointers on how to make your dish stand out among others.

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