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8 Stars With Summer Shoutouts Just For You

It's Summer, which means it's HOT! Cool down with some of the COOLEST Talent around, only on myFanPark!

Desmond is Amazing: Desmond lives in New York with their parents has been taking over the social media world since they were very young. They are an activist, content creator, author, drag kid, and more! Any shoutout from Desmond is sure to be just as amazing as they are!

Richard Brake: Richard, known for his role as Joe Chill in Batman Begins and Doom-head in 31, but perhaps you know him from his role as the Night King in Game Of Thrones. With so many credits to his name, any shoutout will for sure be a cinematic masterpiece.

David Faustino: He's Bud Bundy from Married... With Children, your kids know him as Mako in Legend of Kora and Dagur the Deranged in Dragons. In other words, he's got shoutouts for the whole family!

Josh Devine: Josh is best known for being the live drummer for One Direction, meaning he's responsible for the drums you hear through the entirety of 1D's career. He released his own EP in 2015 with Ollie Green, and now plays in his own band, ZFG. If you like music he's the ONE for you!

Nikki Leigh: Nikki is a gal of many talents. For starters, she's an actress, model, social influencer, and radio host. She's been in multiple films and tv shows, including The Wedding Ringer, Two and a Half Men, Do Not Reply, Sangre Negra, and Mummy Dearest. With all of her credits, she's sure to give you a shoutout worth your while.

Mackenzie McKee: She first rose to fame on the 2011 MTV hit show 16 and Pregnant and has since been on the spin off shows, Teen Mom 3 and Teen Mom OG. She's now a fitness guru with her brand Body by Mac. Whether its fitness tips or Teen Mom tea, Mackenzie is the one for you!

Max Adler: You know Max from tv shows like Glee, Switched at Birth, The Young and the Restless, and films like Detention of the Dead, Trial of the Chicago 7, Sully, and more. He sings, he acts, he cooks, he's an all around guy who will make personalized shoutouts just for you.

Ronni Hawk: Ronni is best known for her role on Disney Channel's Stuck In The Middle, she also starred as Olivia in the Netflix film On My Block. Ronni is sure to give any Disney kid the best of the best when it comes to shoutouts.

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