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A Father's Day Hat Trick

Score the ultimate gift for your Dad from Sharks Announcer Randy Hahn

How incredible would it be to have the ultimate Father’s Day gift for a die-hard San Jose Sharks Dad? Randy Hahn, the play-by-play commentator for the San Jose Sharks, delivers just that!

Randy Hahn has called the San Jose hockey games for over 25 seasons and is synonymous with the Sharks. Fans have the unique opportunity to get a personalized experience from him on his Starsona page. What might these personalized experiences be? Check out these one-of-a-kind gift ideas for Dad on his special day.

No one does it better than an announcer

Let Randy Hahn tell Dad why he’s so terrific with a personalized video message for Father’s Day. Randy’s experience behind the mic makes your shoutout sound like it’s coming live from the arena. Check out his Starsona page to see his fan shoutouts: Randy Hahn.

Get that personal 1:1 interaction you crave

You can also DM Randy and actually get a personal response back. Have Randy say something nice about your Dad - or this is an option to consider for yourself!

There’s also something really unique if your Dad is active on social media. Randy’s available to comment on your Dad’s Instagram or Twitter posting. Talk about social cred... and especially at an affordable cost.

Who isn’t interested in Fun Stuff

If you’re looking for something extra special for your Dad this year, check out Randy’s “Fun Stuff”. Fun Stuff is anything “fun” that can be delivered digitally and Randy has some good ones.

  • Play-by-Play Hero: let Randy know your Dad’s favorite team (Sharks no doubt) and the team he most likes to beat, Randy will do an audio play-by-play with your Dad as the hero!

  • Photo of Randy holding your message: Randy will hold up a personalized message wishing your Dad a Happy Father’s Day and send you a photo to share.

  • Dad’s Voice Mail Message: Wouldn’t your Dad get a kick out of having Randy record the voicemail message for his cell phone? Well you can get that for him on Starsona as well!

In case none of the above puts it in the five-hole

If you’re looking for exclusive merch, consider getting one of Randy’s past single-game media credentials autographed for your Dad.

Icing on the cake, for those that appreciate giving back, Randy donates a portion of his Starsona proceeds to the Sharks Foundation, a charity near and dear to him. The Sharks Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the lives of underserved youth and families in the community with an emphasis in the areas of education, health and safety, and character development. So if your Dad bleeds teal, or his second home is the Shark Tank, skate on over to Randy Hahn’s Starsona page and you’ll be delivering that coveted Hat Trick of gifts - a personalized experience from Randy Hahn.

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