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Dad, Daddio, Pops, My Old Man

Dads are cool, even if we think they aren't. They have their own cringy genre of comedy, they love us fiercely, and are certified protectors of their kids. Sometimes it's not our dads, but our friends' dads who step in to fill that role.

Father's Day gifts usually consist of a jersey from their favorite team, a new toolbox, or some piece of kitchenware labeled "World's Best Dad".

This Father's Day, give your dad the gift of a lifetime with a shoutout from one of their favorites through myFanPark!


Sports - All of our Dads have a favorite athlete, whether they admit it or not, and they DEFINITELY have a team they pull for. Here are a few myFanPark members who just so happen to be star athletes.

Matthew Dellavedova Champ Bailey Josh Powell Mike Bass

Comedians - Dads are one of two funnies, either “haha” hilarious or “geez that was bad”, there’s no in between.

Ben Gleib Ryan O'Flanagan Jenny Johnson Darienne Lake

Dads -Sometimes Dads just need to hear they’re doing a good job. These Dads are actors, writers, musicians and more!

Richard Brake Gilles Marini Max Adler Jonny Fairplay

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