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Eat What You Want Day, Two Days Late!

Okay, I think quarantine established that we ALL love food. And with the rise of Hot Girl Summer, we need some good food to go along with it! Eat What You Want Day was May 11th! At myFanPark we love food, and while I’m more of a kitchen nightmare, they are kitchen wizards! Some of our favorite chefs, athletes, and actors know their way around the knife block so let’s see what fun stuff items they have in their arsenal.

Matthew Dellavedova - This NCAA Basketball star is an avocado toast connoisseur and he’ll do a review of your best avocado toast recipe and give you tips on how to make it even better!

Logan Guleff - Logan is known for winning the second season of Masterchef Junior. The now 18 year old has been recognized by multiple cooking organizations, and won multiple awards, not to mention he’s an award winning author. Logan will create a full recipe for your special occasion!

Simon Majumdar - Started his career at the age of 40 and hasn’t stopped since! He is the author of several books and appeared as a judge on many Food Network shows. Simon offers a recipe feedback option so you can impress the next time you find yourself cooking for some friends!

Johnny Hamman - Johnny is what some may describe as “over the top”, his creative mix of old recipes and new spins, he’ll make every meal memorable. If you crave innovative cooking, check out Johnny’s cooking class on myFanPark!

Carrie Bernans - Carrie is all about health and fitness, she has to be, she’s a stunt-woman, actress, and competitor on Fox TV’s Ultimate Tag. Because she maintains such a high level of fitness, she makes it a point to eat good food! Check out her Cooking With Carrie where she will show you how to cook one of her favorite recipes!

Ronni Hawk - Ronni is no stranger to the screen, having starred in shows like Disney’s “Stuck In The Middle” and the Netflix Series “On My Block” she knows her way around a set. She also knows her way around the kitchen, offering to show you how to cook some of her favorite recipes on myFanPark!

Max Adler - You’ve seen Max on your TV, he’s starred in Glee, Criminal Minds, 9-1-1, and more! When his wife was pregnant, he became a kitchen wiz and picked up a few tricks, he’s more than willing to share them with you!

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