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Famous Pets Who Will Make You Smile

Pets are man’s best friend, they cheer us up when we’re sad, they make us laugh when they try to figure out a new trick, they love to snuggle and go on adventures. Some pets are even so cute they become famous! Here on myFanPark, we have a few famous pets whose owners are set on making you smile!

The Sandman Cat, named Ed for Ed Sheeran, rose to fame when his owner, Jade, made a Tiktok using the popular song “Mr. Sandman”. Since then the Candian cat has received millions of views in the U.S. and Canada. Jade and Ed will give you a shoutout right here on myFanPark!

Abby The Pink Piggy has amassed over ninety thousand followers on Instagram. The Connecticut born piggy does her fair share of brand deals, and even has her own facemasks for the pandemic! Abby and her owners will share all their fun behind the scenes, bloopers, and even help you pick a pet name on myFanPark!

Paris The Mini Pig is not just Paris, she has a sister Luna, the two of them live happily with their owners in Arizona and will give you a shoutout on myFanPark!

Juggling Daisies isn’t just one pet, it’s a farm with ALL kinds of barnyard animals! Let them give you a one of a kind shoutout, you never know which animal you’ll get!

Willow The Beautiful Cat is quite the influencer! Born in Florida with a fuzzy heart shaped nose, Willow has an Instagram following of over two hundred thousand followers. Willow and her dog sister Ella will give you a heart warming shoutout for any occasion.

Erocdog is known as the skateboarding French Bulldog. He’s sure to give you a dope shoutout while riding his board!

Puggy Smalls didn’t choose the puglife, it chose him. Puggy will let you pick his next outfit, he’ll name your dog, perform a trick, and you can even give Puggy a bone!

Pops the Saus is Puggy’s sausage dog best friend! A TV Personality in East London, and known for his incredible fashion sense, any shoutout from Pops will be sure to start trends.

MiniDoodle Bentley is famous on not only Instagram but also TikTok, known for giving sweet baby kisses and serving cute looks, Bentley’s shoutouts are sure to make you “awh” out loud!

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