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My Favorite myFanPark Interactions

What is up my dudes, I’m Krystyn, I’m a marketing associate here at myFanPark, and I write these little blogs every week. I spend a lot of time on our site going through all of our incredible talent and I’ve seen a lot of the amazing offerings. Here are a few of my favorites:

Adam Rupp - I love *trying* to beatbox, although my skills go as far as the beatboxing in Take A Break from the musical Hamilton. Adam has a beatbox Masterclass and will teach you all of his tricks on a LIVE call!

Mckenzie Westmore - I LOVE makeup, and McKenzie was the host of Face Off on Syfy for 13 seasons, so she knows a thing or two about makeup, she will give you makeup tips and help you achieve your desired look!

Morgan James - Morgan has a gorgeous, soaring voice. She’s a true talent for the ages and she will cover any song you desire!

Miltos Yerolemou - Miltos has been seen in Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and Hubbub. He has a wealth of knowledge surrounding the film and tv industry and is willing to share his wisdom!

Jeff Cohen - Jeff Cohen is a talented pop and country songwriter with multiple single and album cuts, with many acclaimed artists. As someone who writes songs, I love that he offers healthy feedback on lyrics.

Carolyn Miller - Carolyn began performing professionally as a child and she’s now one of the best up and coming artists in country music. She has experience in theatre, tv, film and more. She coaches regularly and her vocal warmups will get you warmed up so you can shine onstage.

Ross Marquand - Let me tell you, I have a bone to pick with Ross Marquand. He played Red Skull in Avengers: Infinity War, which means he watched Thanos sacrifice Gamora! Either way he can give you a video shoutout and give you his thoughts on the scene.

Carnie Wilson - Carnie sings literally my favorite song of all time, Hold On, in her group Wilson Phillips. Her video shoutouts are joyful, fun, and uplifting and will encourage you to hold on for one more day ;)

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