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Superheroes or Super Villains?

We all love a good superhero story, the Avenger, the Mutant, the Good Guy fighting against an “unstoppable” force. Superheroes and their universes are a fascination for millions, (have you seen those kids trying to “shift realities” on TikTok?). The good news don’t have to do any shifting to meet superheroes, or villains, myFanPark has a whole lot of ‘em!

Ross Marquand - known for his role as Red Skull in the Avengers films Infinity War and Endgame, he’s the perfect shoutout for any little Captain America who wants to see his nemesis face to face.

Morgan Berry - She comes from the worlds of Pokemon, Miraculous Ladybug, Marvel, and more! She’ll leave your little hero a voicemail message they’ll be talking about for days to come!

Miltos Yerolemou - He can be seen in Star Wars: Episode VII and Game of Thrones, he has some pretty impressive sword work attached to his name! Your kid will wow all his friends with a sword workshop!

Dominic Pace - As Gekko the bounty hunter in The Mandalorian, Dominic brings to life a character that holds his own the likes of other Star Wars bounty hunter’s Boba and Jango Fett. A lifelong Star Wars fan himself, his video shoutouts are sure to spark joy!

C. Andrew Nelson - He started out working in the Star Wars VFX department, and he’s been acting as Darth Vader in many Lucasfilm projects since 1994. Imagine Darth Vader telling you happy birthday! His shoutouts will give any villain fan a maniacal laugh for sure.

Jesse La Flair - He’s been a stunt double in films and shows like X-Men, The Mandalorian, and has starred on the popular show Ultimate Tag. He’s literally a superhero, this ensures your shoutouts or tips on tricks, will ALWAYS be exciting!

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