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The 6 Best Ways to Market yourself

In order to book more videos we need to market ourselves to our greatest ability and show fans that we really are interested in connecting with them through a video shoutout. Let’s dissect what “Marketing Ourselves” really means.

Every star needs to demonstrate that your product (Starsona Shoutout) is worth the price. No one wants to buy a $1 bottle of water for $10. However, if this is a one of a kind bottle of water, filled directly from an Antarctic glacier by Steve Irwin himself, then demand would be high.

You are that $10, one of a kind bottle of water. You are an inspiration to your fans and a personal video from you would mean the world to them. The problem is they may have no idea you are wanting to make their day by sending them a personal video shoutout.

It is crucial that you give your fans a reason to believe that your videos are worth booking. Look at these examples from some of our most successful stars Perez Hilton and Corey Feldman:

6 Tips to Market Yourself

  • Download and share your videos on social media. Your fans like seeing you do anything.

  • Add your Starsona booking link to your social media bios.

  • Complete you sample videos. That populates your profile with videos!

  • Respond promptly to requests to encourage good reviews and ratings.

  • Offer your videos at a cost that is attainable to your fans.

  • Encourage fans to share the video you made on social media.

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