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The 9 Best Ways To Use Starsona!

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Starsona is an app that allows celebrities to connect with their fans across the world through personalized video messages for any occasion. Fans can request a general shoutout or greeting from their favorite Stars, but can also use Starsona to celebrate special moments by requesting a special message from a celebrity to their friends and family. The possibilities are endless, and people are finding new ways to use Starsona every day! Here are some of the most popular uses of Starsona. 1. Birthday Shoutouts Need a birthday card? Tired of the same old greeting card? Book a personalized video shoutout from a Star and give someone a gift they’ll never forget. You’ll be the birthday hero. 2. Q&A Starsona is the world’s first video Q&A platform to connect Stars and their Fans. First, you’ll record yourself asking a question.Then, the Star will see you asking your question, and record their own response. We’ll splice the videos together into one unique video featuring you and your favorite celebrity. 3. Event Announcements Paper invites are so 2018. Tell your friends to grab some food and come over for the big game with a personalized video invitation from…. well, one of the players playing in the big game! Have your favorite celebrity announce your next fundraiser, birthday party, or get together, and get the buzz that only a Star can create! 4. Gender Reveal! This one speaks for itself. Instead of popping a balloon or swinging and missing when someone tosses you a ball full of pink dust, how about having a Star tell you the gender of your little munchkins. Provide a priceless memory for years to come that even your little baby will be able to enjoy someday. 5. Words of encouragement.

Slumps happen, whether on the baseball field or in life. Give a loved one a little extra motivation with a Star who has been through it! Imagine Paul George giving your basketball player a word of advice, or Perez Hilton offering an uplifting message. A message from a celebrity is sure to inspire your loved ones going through hard times. 6. Roast your friends Did your buddy lose in Fantasy Football? Play a terrible round of golf? Rub it in with a video from their hero giving them a hard time. 7. Say Congrats!

Whatever the occasion is, a congratulations message from a Star makes it even sweeter. Graduation, Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, Anniversary… the list goes on! 8. Win an argument. Next time you’re trying to convince your friend of something that may or may not be totally true, just hop on Starsona and ask one of our 1000+ stars to back you up.

9. Just for fun!

Have a different idea? You’re free to request what you want and have fun at this family friendly company. Just make sure to share it on social and tag @getstarsona!

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