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The Perfect Wedding Gift

Most people say February is the season of love, but I have to disagree.

It’s Summer, when the weather is warm, the sun is out, and EVERYONE is getting married.

No matter the venue, anytime someone says “I do” it’s special.

Why not add even more magic with a special song?!

Carolyn Miller is a country singer from New York who recently had MASSIVE success when her wedding song went TikTok viral!

Carolyn wrote the song “When I Say I Do Today” as a wedding gift to her husband on their special day several years ago. She never intended on releasing it until she shared a short clip on the popular short form video app resulting in over 960 THOUSAND views on the first video alone!

Since then, brides have been asking her a lot of questions. Can I use this song at my wedding? Can you write out the lyrics? Can you perform this acoustically? Is there an instrumental version? The answer to all these questions...YES, available on myFanPark!

Brides can purchase the Karaoke Track, an Acoustic Cover, and Handwritten Lyrics all on myFanPark.

If you know a bride, are a bride, or will be a bride in the future, THIS is the perfect gift!

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