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Times Are Hard For Dreamers

“They say times are hard for dreamers…” a simple upbeat song from the short-lived Broadway musical Amélie, this became my anthem in 2020.

2020 changed our lives in “unprecedented” ways. No matter how much we want to go back to those “precedented” times, we have been forced into virtual worlds and Zoom rooms. It can be hard to be creative in these rooms, and as people who need to create, we sometimes feel a disconnect.

As dreamers, we search for inspiration. We have passions, hopes, and before 2020, a conventional way to make our dreams come true. We’ve thought about the day the stars might align and we can sit down with our favorite actor, songwriter, television personality, and show them something we’ve been working on. We hoped they would give us critiques or even praise for what we’ve created. Before now, each DM, each post we tagged our favorites in, was a shot in the dark at a connection with them.

2020 has also changed the way we are inspired. We no longer have the opportunity to sit next to new friends at concerts, stand at stage doors in New York City in hopes of getting 5 minutes with the stars of our favorite musicals, or cram into movie theatres with others as we watch a highly anticipated film. We now donate to charities to sit in a virtual event, we post on Tiktok making cases as to why our favorites should see our videos, and we still dream.

myFanPark has given celebrities and fans ways to connect that has never been available before. We go beyond video shoutouts, we go beyond likes on social media, the celebrities we most admire are able to offer music lessons, song reviews, Zoom concerts, audition tips and more.

For the musicians

You play for hours in your room, you write like you’re running out of time, you emulate your favorite producers, you sing your heart out; as a musician you want to do something groundbreaking, to make a difference.

Check out these successful musicians and what they can offer you:

Rob Lundquist of Home Free, will give you written feedback on your track:

Carolyn Miller, an up and coming country singer, will share some of her songwriting tips:

Willie Shaw, a songwriter, will write the next verse of your song:

Adam Rupp of Home Free, will give you music lessons:

For the actors

Auditions are going virtual, agencies and directors are looking for new talent every day. Now is the perfect time to get feedback, tips, and learn from professionals in the film/tv field.

Gabriela Lopez, known for her work in the film 5th Wave, will give you feedback on a scene you’ve been working on:

Miltos Yerolemou, known for his roles in Game of Thrones, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will give you quick tips and industry advice:

Alex Cubis, can be seen in shows like Mako Mermaids, Dear White People, and Between Two Worlds. He can provide you with tips for casting calls and how to wow those in the room:

Rachele Brooke Smith has been in films like Bring It On: Fight To Finish, Burlesque, and Center Stage: Turn It Up. She will provide you with help on a multitude of projects:

For the theatre

We’ve seen innovation in moving to a virtual setting since live theatres have been closed. Everyday dreamers are being heard round the world with opportunities like Homeschool Musical, and Ratatouille: A TikTok Musical. If you're looking for Broadway tips and tricks, look no further, we have them here.

Jonah Platt, the brother of Ben Platt and former “Fiyero” in the musical Wicked, will provide you the personalized feedback on your self-tape:

Janet Krupin, a Broadway veteran having been in musicals such as Bring It On, If/Then, and Hands on a Hardbody, can answer all of your questions regarding the musical theatre dream:

Morgan James, another Broadway veteran appearing in the shows Motown: The Musical, The Addams Family, and Godspell, can teach you the best tips and tricks in a one hour voice lesson:

Kaycee Stroh, known for her work in the High School Musical franchise, she knows musical theatre and she knows dancing. She can provide you with a dance critique:

To wrap up this long blog, we are in a unique place as creatives, having access to a way of education we’ve never had before. Take advantage, learn from the greats, dream big, and never tell yourself no.

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