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Post & Promote

Welcome to the Beta version of Post & Promote. This feature allows you to save time as well as increase the engagement of your audience which leads to more revenue.

Why should I do it?

Talent like you have told us that self-promotion can be uncomfortable and your time is limited. This feature helps add engagement to your page while posting a soft sell on your current social media platforms.

How does it work?

Instead of using an Instagram business account or Facebook for your upcoming posts, tie those accounts to myFanPark. You can take what you were going to post on that platform today and post it to all 3 in one shot. This also ties in a soft sell of your selected experience on Instagram and Facebook.


Ideas on what to post

You know what works best for your platform, but take a look at some of these great ideas we have heard:

  • Provide a tip or trick

  • Highlight a current or upcoming event

  • Chat about what you are currently reading or watching

  • Did you just meet someone cool? Post it!

  • Behind the scenes content

  • Your daily routines

  • Goals you are striving for

  • Mention your favorite tools, apps, companies

  • Share a tutorial

  • Ask your audience to tag something (could really increase views to your page)

  • Ask your followers for an opinion or to answer a question

  • Feature a product

  • Share a stat

  • Feature a fan that has done or said something nice

  • Inspirational quote

  • Highlight someone you admire

  • Throw in a current event

  • Everyone loves some humor, add something you find funny

  • Own up to a failure and how you overcame it

  • Hand-drawn sketches or illustrations, these have high re-shares

  • Run a contest or giveaway

  • Share a throwback Thursday

  • Having a great hair day or have on an amazing new outfit, show us!

As you can see, these have nothing to do with myFanPark, they are all about you and what you may normally post. These give your audience something to engage with and not feel like it is all about the sell. We add a subtle link to help them check out your experiences page.

The best thing is you can pick whatever experience you want to highlight that might match up to the post. Try it today!

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