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Our Values

Our mission at myFanPark is to spread smiles and positivity – to make you and your loved ones dizzy with joy and excitement. As we’re all about good vibes, we’re strongly opposed to our platform being used to send messages that are negative, derogatory or in any way abusive. We want to keep things clean and kind.


Our Causes

In the same way we aim to inspire and uplift fans, we’re also committed to positively impacting the lives of those in need. With this in mind, we proudly support the remarkable initiatives below by giving them a percentage of the fees earned from every video, and encouraging all our talent to do the same. That means when you put in an order with us, you don’t just get to treat that special someone, you also automatically become one of our #FansForGood. Yay!

Laureus_Sport for Good_BLK.jpg

In 1984, the founders of Best Friends made a promise to one another and to the animals already in their care that they would build an animal sanctuary in Southern Utah, where they could dedicate their lives to housing and finding homes for unwanted pets while advocating the importance of no kill. At that time, shelters across America routinely killed cats and dogs as the primary method of pet population control. There wasn’t a national voice to end the killing. However, as the founders began to broaden the reach of Best Friends, they quickly learned that others would stand with them. Over 30 years later, they have inspired others throughout the country to take up the mantle of no kill and have helped to reduce the number of animals being killed in shelters by 91 percent.


Established in 1994, The Children’s Hospital Trust plays a vital role in ensuring that South Africa’s world-renowned Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital can continue to do the super work it does. The NPO is a champion for child healthcare and raises funds for all sorts of important projects and hospital enhancements. It’s a seriously worthy cause deserving of its own set of fans.



Founded under the patronage of Nelson Mandela, Laureus Sport for Good has been supporting social sports programmes for 20 years with the goal of supporting children and young people through sport in their personal development, showing them perspectives and values such as team spirit, respect and determination. These children and young people learn to believe in themselves through the power of sport, to pursue their goals, to overcome setbacks and to take their lives into their own hands. Whether it is street football, skateboarding, therapeutic horseback riding, basketball or boxing: social sports programmes not only motivate children to lead an active life, they also give them long-term support. Laureus promotes these programmes in the long term - and not just financially. The foundation connects organisations with each other and with potential partners, advises on possible scaling and supports public relations.


The foundation supports prospective young and top athletes on their way to the top of the world and also beyond their sporting careers. Since 1967, Deutsche Sporthilfe has been supporting the best athletes in Germany on their way to great success and is the most important private sports sponsorship initiative in Germany. Therefore, responsible and creative support concepts are continuously adapted to the athletes' general conditions. The goal is to provide financial support, career planning and personal development.  90% of the Deutsche Sporthilfe athletes are involved in international successes such as World and European Championships or Olympic Games. These include 261 gold medals at the Olympic Games and almost 350 gold medals at the Paralympics.



The TRIBUTE TO BAMBI foundation supports aid projects for children and young people in Germany all year long and also draws attention to grievances and issues that are not sufficiently recognized in society. The aim is to provide concrete and sustainable help to children and young people in need and to contribute to a long-term improvement in their situation. In the areas of health, social participation and protection of children and adolescents, the foundation is committed to support those who are seriously ill, mentally injured or economically disadvantaged. Donations are collected with the support of prominent personalities, partners from business, private individualities and media. In the meantime, more than 150 non-profit organizations have been supported and over 9 million euros and other donations have been collected. The TRIBUTE TO BAMBI Foundation is an initiative of Hubert Burda Media and is proud to carry the DZI donation seal.



VIVA CON AGUA DE SANKT PAULI e.V. is a charity organization that works to ensure that all people worldwide have access to clean DRINKING WATER.

That is why we support water projects and campaigns in Germany and abroad according to the motto: WATER FOR ALL – ALL FOR WATER. In doing so, we rely on a lot of positive activism. As a charitable organization we focus on the language of music, art and sports to activate people to generate donations for clean drinking water. Therefore, we collect deposit cups on concerts, give lectures at schools and universities, cooperate with companies and activate everywhere where it is fun! Through joyful campaigns we generate funds, which finally flow into WASH PROJECTS in more and more project countries. WASH stands for water, sanitary and hygiene. These things are crucial for the long-term improvement of the living conditions of many people. Our core project countries are currently Ethiopia, Uganda and Nepal.

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